Jacinta McDonell launched the highly successful US franchise Anytime Fitness with her brother Justin into Australia in 2008. With over 2700 clubs and 2 million members worldwide, it has become the quickest growing segment of the world s fastest growing fitness chain, and is Australia’s number one health club chain.

As well as setting up and managing Australia’s most successful fitness brand, owning 20 franchises with her brother, and being a mother of three young children, Jacinta’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to the development of several other business and personal ventures over the past 12 months, making her a true inspiration to Australian business women.

In late 2015 Jacinta launched Urban Yoga – a world first yoga concept.  The flagship studio is based in Surry Hills, find out more about URBAN YOGA.

A strong advocate of using Business For Good – Jacinta established The Human Kind Project last year, which is a for-purpose foundation that enables businesses to build brand equity whilst creating social change. She and her team now work tirelessly to fund and support organisations that deliver change in the world.

In 2014, she personally raised over $100,000 for The Hunger Project Australia, which could be used to provide 200 communities with the ability to purchase food-processing equipment, provide 2,000 people with microfinance loans that are often used by communities to buy seeds/fertiliser, and train up to 50,000 rural villagers on agricultural practices.

Jacinta then went on a mission to Malawi, Africa to see firsthand what these funds could achieve. Her experience highlighted the struggle of many Malawians who experience a five-month food gap every year. She witnessed work in Malawi that promised to end hunger by 2030 through changing the mentality of villagers from a hand-out to self-sufficiency. Jacinta said, ‘It is by changing the mentality from one of scarcity to feeling empowered that real change can happen.’

It was this experience that compelled her to start Human Kind Project and create a community of people, businesses and other entrepreneurs to create change in the world.


The Human Kind Project is completely registered with the ACNC and as a DGR2 status foundation looks to raise funds for and on behalf of worthy and like minded not for purpose organisations.  Human Kind Project is an organization invested in mindset change, our focus is to end inequality within the global community.