March 29, 2018

Morning Routines: Jacinta McDonell, Fitness Entrepreneur and Human Rights Activist

Morning Routines: Jacinta McDonell, Fitness Entrepreneur and Human Rights Activist Jacinta McDonell is strong in more ways than one. She (along with her brother, Justin) brought […]
March 18, 2018

Driving change – The GLOSS magazine

November 22, 2015

Urban Yoga – The Inspiration

The inspiration behind Urban Yoga was to create place for more people to connect with yoga. I had found through my own yoga journey over the […]
October 14, 2015

Business For Good

I believe the way we as consumers view business is changing. We want a business to stand for something more than just profit. This view, borne […]
September 26, 2015

Global Goals

World Leaders have committed to 17 Global Goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years. End extreme poverty. Fight inequality & injustice. Fix climate change. The Global […]
September 3, 2015


  Every HUMAN deserves opportunity Together we can give the KIND of power to families to change their future. Family to Family. Our PROJECT is to raise […]
August 4, 2015

A Week of Inspiration

Sitting on Necker, Sir Richard Branson’s private island, sharing thoughts and ideas with such leaders as Marianne Williamson, Jean Oelwang, Emma Isaacs, Matt Mullenweg and Sir […]
July 16, 2015

Committed to making lives better

Sometimes it takes another person asking you questions for you to realise just where you are in life. I was recently interviewed by Jen Dugard, a […]
September 15, 2014

Empower a woman – change a community (A Tale of 2 Christinas)

Christina thinks she is 38 years old (many women don’t know the exact year they are born or their birthdate); she is living in a small village affected badly by Malaria near Majete Game Reserve in Malawi. Christina lives in a house with a single room; she lives with her second husband. Christina has [...]