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September 26, 2015
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November 22, 2015

TOMS-BLOGI believe the way we as consumers view business is changing. We want a business to stand for something more than just profit.

This view, borne out by current statistics is that consumers want to know what a brand stands for, and that you not only have a product that is worth buying but that you care about something more than just your product and your bottom line.

I am passionate about promoting businesses to find a cause close to their heart, beginning in the very early days (not just when they start making profits) and making this part of their brand DNA. I want to believe that a companies CSR policy is no longer something they need to APPEAR to care about but something they REALLY do care about. For those who know me well they know that I wish I’d had this stronger, broader view of business 8 years ago when we started Anytime Fitness.

I first read ‘Start Something That Matters’ by TOMS Founder Blake Mycoskie a few years ago, and I was struck by his sheer determination to make a difference and by his resilience to the cause which almost sent him broke more than once. He has since created a movement of people so engaged with the brand that he makes a contribution not only in shoes for those in need but eyesight, safe birth and now water. He is also part of The B Team, Richard Branson’s new global initiative aimed at transforming the future of business.


Whenever I am in LA I visit the TOMS flagship store in Venice, simply to see what a brand can achieve with a clear vision and dedicated people committed to a cause. I don’t believe that we can all achieve a One for One model in our businesses, but I do believe is that we can start with something that we feel passionate about.


The Human Kind Project is passionate about bringing like-minded people together so we encourage businesses of all sizes to get engaged and work with us to make a difference. 100% of the costs of Human Kind Project are funded by myself so 100% of all donations reach our partners on the ground. Or work directly with amazing organisations (see B1G1 ) or start something bigger like Plate For plate as at Zambrero.


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