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August 4, 2015
Global Goals
September 26, 2015



  • Every HUMAN deserves opportunity
  • Together we can give the KIND of power to families to change their future. Family to Family.
  • Our PROJECT is to raise $444,000 before Nov 30th

Double the Love Project is about taking the love we have for our family and amplifying it. GIVING OPPORTUNITY to another family, doubling the love, family to family. When you donate Founder Jacinta McDonell will match your donation dollar for dollar, up to a total of $222,000. To ensure your donation makes the most impact on the ground Jacinta also pays all administrative costs of Human Kind Project.

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Your Investment Will Improve Access To Education
Through education, our partners can increase their job opportunities, are better able to manage their finances and can build businesses, boosting their self sufficiency and self confidence–and allowing them to fulfill their visions of stable income streams and healthy savings accounts. Mothers are more likely to send their girls to school when they themselves are literate, and so The Hunger Project delivers literacy classes for adults. These functional literacy classes also enable women to become socially and economically resilient thereby empowering them to step up as leaders to transform their vision for the future into reality. We also establish kindergartens in rural communities, and run community meetings and campaigns to promote the benefits of girls’ education.

Your Investment Will Develop Food Security And Livelihoods
One of The Hunger Project’s biggest priorities is ensuring that people are able to produce enough food, or have enough money to buy food. When our partners are food secure, they are able to shift their focus from surviving day-to-day to planning for the future – and that means they can take action to achieve their goals for a bigger, better life. The Hunger Project trains small-scale farmers on modern farming techniques so that they can grow enough food to feed their families, and sell the surplus to bring in more income. Through our Microfinance training we give parents the skills to create small businesses with their loans, and use their increased income to feed their families and educate their children.

Your Investment Will Prioritise Health And Nutrition
By prioritising the health and wellbeing of our partners, we can boost their cognitive abilities, their concentration while working and learning, and their productivity. At the most basic level, when our partners are well nourished, they are able to perform at increased efficiency and productivity, which means they can provide better for themselves and their families. The Hunger Projects delivers nutrition training so that parents can combat malnutrition by feeding their families healthy, locally available food. We also train local volunteer leaders in key health and nutrition initiatives so that they can educate their fellow villagers about sanitation, hygiene and healthy eating, as well as HIV/AIDS and the sexual and reproductive rights of girls and women.



  1. Toni says:

    The world needs more compassion, kindness & love. Bravo on the Double the Love Project, Jacinta & team at The Human Kind Project!

  2. Daniel Stay says:


    Let’s have a brainstorming session – I have some great ideas for fund raising and I am passionate about it.

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