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November 17, 2014
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August 4, 2015

Jacinta McDonell and the Human Kind Project

Sometimes it takes another person asking you questions for you to realise just where you are in life.

I was recently interviewed by Jen Dugard, a personal fitness trainer who specialises in getting mums-to-be and post-baby mums in good shape. The interview, which is on Jen’s blog ( reminded me about how far I’ve come and how motivated I am to achieve more in my life.

In our seven years in business we are still growing, and as committed as ever to helping people change their lives. For us, that includes helping those with less than we have and that’s why I’m so committed to my foundation, Human Kind Project.

I wake up inspired every day, knowing there is so much I can do for my family and others. My morning yoga class gives me strength and balance for both my mind and body. It helps set my mood for the day, staying happy and aiming for the best for myself and everybody I come into contact with.

It also reminds me that I do have the inner strength to achieve much more. I draw energy from my commitment to helping others, especially those with so much less, like the women I met in some of the villages on my recent trip to Malawi.

As a mum, I know from experience that having children in your life makes you a leader every day. You live with the focus of giving them the love and  strength to achieve at both school and in life, so they can learn the power of giving as much love and kindness to the world as they possibly can.

I can’t help but let my desire to help others spread to my business. At Anytime Fitness we frequently run challenge and participation events and encourage members to be involved. The satisfaction of knowing you are getting fit and helping others live a better life is a great feeling.

I know from my experience as a finalist in the Telstra Women’s Business Awards that there are many women dedicated to making a difference in the world. I think most people want to make a positive impact and I hope I can give them some tools, namely a healthy mind and body, to enable them to make changes.

It was fun to share my thoughts with Jen Dugard. She is an inspirational woman in her own right.

BTW. You can help those with less by buying a Human Kind Project t-shirt.


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    Sometimes, you have to state what people don’t want to consider about. I respect you for that.

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